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Repair & Rebuild

Worker fixing ceiling
CapEx employs a holistic approach to renovation projects. It allows us to think about the impact to YOUR operations. We use our team to value engineer scope of works. We work hand in hand with designers, engineers, and client managers seamless through all aspects of the construction process from pre-construction to closeout.

Continual Maintenance

Worker measuring wood
Whatever your facility needs, we can help. We want to keep your facility proactive rather than reactive in it’s approach to maintenance. Self-performing the majority of our services allows us to better control your project’s efficiency and quality.

New Construction

Workers carrying lumber
CapEx construction professionals manage your project from concept to completion. A member of our team will consult with you and your architect, establishing a clear, concise scope of work. Once physical construction begins, CapEx project management staff will closely monitor your project’s budget and schedule, ensuring quality results.